voodooCurse Removal

Definition from The American Heritage Dictionary

1.An appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone or something.
2.The evil or misfortune that comes in or as if in response to such an appeal: bewailed the curse of ill health.

It is energy that has been, by intent, sent to a person with a certain result in mind. It can take any form; hate, anger, frustration, envy or even obsessive love, etc. This energy can and will bother the individual being attacked and this energy should be cleared away. Remember what you were thinking today while driving, well someone else was probably doing the same to you.

Key Benefits

  • Removes all energy (curses) that were sent to you, hanging out waiting to manifest in your life
  • Energy get returned to the sender, in a positive way, to help them and prevent karma from coming back to you.

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