24 Strand DNA / Adam Kadmon Activation

Activates you to your highest potential as a human being!

It is recommended for anyone seeking to assimilate and integrate into the new Light patterns coming into the planet at this time in our evolution.


Key Benefits

Some of the benefits according to Archangel Metatron:

  • Enables you to bring in and hold more light in your physical body
  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
  • Gives you more energy and clarity
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Assists in releasing unconscious patterns
  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain
  • Creates the greatest potential for full connection and integration with your Higher Self
  • Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
  • Any change in your genetic structure will affect your ancestors 3 to 5 generations in the past, as well as 3 to 5 generations into the future.
  • DNA activation allows clearing of genetic patterning for many diseases and addictions.

Energetic Exchange: $175 

Includes: Energy Balancing, Activation and 1 set of Antimony