archangel metatron full 63waArchangel Metatron Life Purpose Reading

A dear friend and spiritual teacher of mine, Laurie, performs these readings in full trance. She is not aware of the questions you are asking or the answers you are receiving.

I highly recommend an Archangel Metatron reading for those of you who want answers to your life purpose and path. Laurie also obtains the names of your 5 personal angels. They are here to assist you in this life time. Knowing their names, let you call on them more easily.


This is not a psychic reading.

You must be able to ask specific questions in order to receive the information. Metatron can only open your Master DNA cell once in your life time, so make the questions count. I can validated the experience as authentic, having gone through readings with Metatron.

I suggest that you read the information and view the free webinar at the bottom of the linked page to help you prepare yourself before you make an appointment. The reading can be done over Skype.

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